Bars Facelift Jan2023

Access Bars
Energetic Facelift



 $100, 1-Hour Session
(though I typically follow the energy getting lost in time)


The Bars is a body process that can open you up to the possibilities---better health, peace and joy, resolve issues within and with others. You may find answers to questions that before seemed out of reach. Who knows, the Bars may assist you in finding ways to make your dreams come true.  


Energetic Facelift is a fun and relaxing body process that can assist in slowing the aging process.


Let's see what we can create. . .schedule your session soon.

*Session may run longer than an hour
*Rate increases for sessions outside the Honolulu area




Noe Johnson


Massage Therapy, MAT-8369

Bar & Energetic Facelift Practitioner,

Access Consciousness®

Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM