• Access Bars - Free of Charge

    Global Bars Day happened, but I am sharing the Bars through the 15th of February. 
    Don't miss this free offer. 

    Experience what the bars can do for you. Bars is a great body process for relaxation, resolution, healing...whatever your intention. The process activates 32 points on the head to assist in creating space within to help with life's challenges. Make your appointment today.

    Access Bars:  Free of Charge

    Date:  February 1 through February 15

    Location:  In the park, on a massage table under the trees (to be announced)

    Reserve your day & time, BOOK, call / text, 808.271.0889




  • 2020 IS HERE!

    Sent my new years wishes to friends, family and clients this New Year's Eve, and my friend Brian wrote back wishing me the same and told me to remember that HINDSIGHT IS ALWAYS 2020.

    What does that mean? The future is unknown. True. But, having hindsight makes it easy to know what to do after something has happened (PhraseMix.com).  Recognizing the significance of what has happened is hindsight.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Allow 2020 to be your best year ever!  What a gift to yourself to care for yourself and others while you thrive in good health, love and prosperity.

    With aloha,